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Welcome to Transoffice GmbH, your expert IT-partner in logistics management. Our motto is “Efficiency, Reliability, and Flexibility,” and we are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the complex demands of the logistics industry.

Our team leaders have hands-on experience in logistics, giving us a unique perspective on the challenges faced by our clients.
We specialize in the Eurasian intermodal cargo flow with trains and trucks, providing reliable and efficient solutions along the Eurasian corridors since day one.

In addition to developing the web-based software solution myTransoffice, we offer a wide range of additional services, including cloud server hosting and individual development projects for the logistics industry.

Choose Transoffice GmbH for your logistics needs, and experience the benefits of working with a partner who is dedicated to your success.


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Why us

Why you should use our software

Increase your competitiveness with our advanced software for effective and efficient logistics planning and execution.

Our software enables you to optimize transportation processes, saving time and costs. With integrated real-time tracking and monitoring, you can always stay on top of things and quickly react to any potential issues.

Why you should use our software:


Efficient transport organization


Real-time tracking and monitoring


Flexibility in transportation modes


Integrated tariffs and freight rates


Multimodal alternative options in case of issues


Reliable marketing through quick response to customer inquiries


Bookable addon modules

DDMS (Document-Declarationmanagement System)

Freight Train Management




If you have questions or inquiries you can always contact our IT staff or our agents and gain a qualified consultation. Don’t hesitate to contact us during office hours or at some other time with an appointment.

For operational help we use TeamViewer. With this tool our qualified staff can access your computer with your agreement and resolve an issue.

You can call us on +49 (0)69-9897289-20 and e-mail us on info@mytransoffice.de.


+49 6172-388108-9


Transforming Logistics with Cutting-Edge Tech

The system environment of Transoffice GmbH is characterized by modern technologies that enable our developers to create effective solutions for the logistics industry.
Our focus is on user-friendly applications that help customers tackle daily challenges and optimize business processes.

We rely on the .NET framework for robust and scalable applications, use HTML5 and JavaScript for appealing, responsive web applications, and enable easy integration with other systems through REST APIs.
Microsoft AI technology allows for advanced analysis and automation features, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

As part of our technology strategy, we utilize Microsoft SharePoint 365 for seamless and secure collaboration in managing logistics projects. It serves as a central platform for information exchange and project management.

The system environment of Transoffice GmbH ensures innovative, future-proof solutions that are based on the latest technologies and meet the requirements of the modern logistics industry.


What clients say about us

“Being a company specialized in intermodal transports, we chose myTransoffice and were impressed with the many functions it offered.  The ability to perform complex calculations and create CIM/SMGS consignment notes directly has significantly simplified our processes.  The feature to plan container trains has also been extremely useful. We were particularly impressed with the seamless integration of financial functions and the financial accounting interface, which allowed us to monitor our finances accurately. 
We gladly recommend myTransoffice to others.”
“TruckOffice has been a game-changer for our FTL/LTL transportation business. Its web-based platform allows us to access our dispatch plan and route optimization tools from anywhere, making us more flexible and efficient.  We also appreciate the hosting server service provided by Transoffice, which saves us the investment in our own hardware.  Overall, TruckOffice has improved our operations and we highly recommend it to other trucking companies.”
“RailOffice is an essential tool for our company. As a pure railway operator specializing in the formation and disposition of container trains within the European rail network, efficient planning and execution are of great importance.  With myTransoffice, we have found a solution that not only meets but exceeds our expectations.  The user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, such as the freight train management module and customized reporting, have allowed us to streamline our operations and improve overall efficiency.”